2016 from above: Some of the year’s finest drone photography

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Photography is an art of observation.

Such is the captivating nature of drone photography that online communities have quickly formed around this emerging, high-flying art form. SkyPixel, which last month announced the finalists from its 2016 contest, is one such hub, and Dronestagram is another, whose turn it is now to showcase its finest images from the year.

Dronestagram is an online platform where drone photography enthusiasts can share, like and comment on images grabbed by these flying robotic cameras. Midway through each year, Dronestagram teams up with National Geographic to run an annual drone photography competition across four specific categories, and then at the end of each year it rounds up its favorite selections for our viewing pleasure.

This year’s collection of 20 features a few photos to take honors in the earlier contest, but a number of fresh images, too. Guillaume Jarret, head of Dronestagram’s community, tells us the platform now has 35,000 registered users and the 2016 selections rose above some 20,000 uploads to make the cut. Anyway, that’s enough words, here are a few of our favorite photos, and you can click through to the gallery to browse the entire set.

Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world. read more at newatlas.com


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